How to Deal with a Personal Injury Case

First Personal Injury Lawyers offer some top tips

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Each and every day, many unsuspecting people across the UK fall victim to some sort of personal injury, meaning huge numbers of men, women and children are being injured in some way through no fault of their own. While some of these injuries and issues may only be minor, there are others that are far more serious and could result in severe pain, suffering and losses for the victim.

If you are one of the unlucky ones to fall victim to this sort of injury, there are a number of steps you should follow. In addition to seeking medical attention to minimise the damage caused by the incident, you should also bear in mind that you may be entitled to claim compensation as a result of your injuries.

5 steps to take following a personal injury

There are a number of key steps to follow if you suffer a personal injury and feel that you may have a case. This includes the following.

Details of incident: You should try and take note of exactly what happened, where it happened and the time it happened. After suffering an injury you may be in shock but the quicker you can get this done the better, as it minimises the risk of you forgetting important details.

Possible witnesses: If there are other people present who may have seen what happened when you were injured, you may want to take down their details. This could prove important in the event that you do make a claim and could help to get your case resolved more quickly if the witnesses are prepared to provide details should they need to.

Seek medical attention: If you have been injured, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is important for your wellbeing and to get your injuries addressed and will also ensure that you have medical backup in the event that you decide to make a compensation claim.

Speak to a legal expert: You should make sure you speak to a legal expert about the incident in order to find out whether you have a case. You can do this by phone or via email if you wish, so you should be able to get some advice quickly and conveniently. A legal professional with expertise in the personal injury field will be able to advise how viable your case is so that you can make an informed decision with regards to filing a claim.

Complete the claim details: If you do decide to go ahead with a claim following discussion with a legal expert, you simply need to complete the details as requested by the legal firm that you use. Your lawyer will then deal with getting your claim processed in order to try and win compensation for you.

The time it takes for a personal injury case to be resolved can vary based on a number of factors. Your lawyer should be able to give you a rough idea based on historic cases of a similar nature.


January 10, 2014