H&F Council Cabinet Gives Go Ahead for Two New Cycle Routes

Decision comes as TfL confirms work on Kew Bridge end of Cycleway 9 starts next week

Artist's impression of superhighway looking west from Olympia

H&F Council’s cabinet has given the go ahead for two major segregated cycle routes running through our borough.

One will follow the route of Cycleway 9 through Hammersmith town centre from Olympia to King Street and the other, designed for fast commuters, running alongside the A4 Great West Road. The news comes in a week in which Transport for London (TfL

The council's decision comes alongside confirmation from Tfl that work at the other end of Cycleway 9 around Kew Bridge junction will start next week.

The decision, made at a Cabinet meeting on Monday 2 December, is to:

Approve the principle of a proposed Safer Cycle Pathway route along Hammersmith Road & King Street from Olympia to
Goldhawk Road and the proposed Cycle Highway route along
the A4 from British Grove to Warwick Road.

You can read full details of the decision here.

The proposals to create two separate routes was proposed by the council and accepted by TfL, and the council says that a public consultation will be held on the plans early next year.

The works within Hammersmith & Fulham are estimated to cost £20 million, which will be fully funded by TfL. The council aims for 8% of residents to cycle daily, and says: "Improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure supports a long-term vision to make our streets healthier, safer and more welcoming."

Meanwhile TfL has confirmed it will start works around Kew Bridge next Wednesday, 12 December to 19 December.

From 12 December the junction will be operating with lane closures. TfL say they are doing all they can to keep traffic moving by actively managing the traffic signal timings during the works, but it is expected to cause delays reaching Chiswick High Read, with a knock-on effect in Hammersmith.

When TfL first announced it would start work this month, local councillors in Chiswick said it would be "absolute madness" to start work at a time when there is already severe disruption due to the closure of Hammersmith Bridge.

Cycleway 9 aims to provide a continuous, largely-segregated route between Kensington Olympia and Brentford town centre, via Hammersmith and Chiswick.

The western section of the Cycleway 9 is expected to be completed in late autumn 2020, but a starting date for work on roads in Hammersmith has still to be announced.

New layout with Cycleway 9 at Kew Bridge

CGI of the new layout north of Kew Bridge

December 6, 2019